Hello from WE MAY BE LITTLE!

We may be little but we pack a punch...
We may be little but we pack a punch…

Hello, and welcome to We May Be Little, a fun lifestyle site all about the little things in life that pack a mighty punch.

Expect blog posts on everything from coffee and crafting, to babies and blow drys, via films, fabulous food and drink, and fashion – with loads of other juicy morsels thrown in for good measure.

We’re not just a blog site though – nope, we also make our own products that we sell in our Etsy shop. At the moment, we have a small-but-perfectly formed product range: crocheted coffee cosies and baby girl headbands. Teeny things, big impact, we like to think.

But our ideas are always bubbling away, and as the old adage goes: keep ’em peeled…

So, who are we?

Hi, I’m Words Girl! I’ve been making a living stringing sentences together for mags, papers, websites, blogs and ad agencies for yonks. I’ve also written four pop music books. Look me up if you’re a fan of any of the following: Adele, 1D, Take That! In the meantime, you can find me on here blogging away about the things I love. Oh, and I’m new mama to a baby girl called Jasmine, who I may mention now and again, AND I’m the daughter of…


Hello, I’m Queen Crochet. I make all of We May Be Little’s cute coffee cosies and crochet hairbands. You’ll also find me indulging in other forms of crafting: I do love to make a dress or two on my sewing machine for my grand babies; I also love knocking up bunting and I have a newfound fondness for macrame  – all of which I’ll share with you on here. Oh, and I’m the aunt of…


Hi, I’m Sewing BeeRight now I make all of We May Be Little’s stylish fabric baby hairbands. My day job is creative manager at Top Shop, Oxford Street, so as you can imagine I live and breath all things fashion, too. I will be adding seasonal, stylish spice to all of our products, along with blogging about new looks and products.

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