Happy New Year (happy new salad)


Author: Sarah-Louise James

Is it Christmas yet? The weekend?

If you’re anything like me, this time of year feels like a bit of a bummer. Yin and yang is never better represented than in December and January.

Gone are the baubles, the Baileys and the Bublé and in their place: BANS.

Bans on everything: Booze. Chocolate. Coloured fairy lights. Sun. Smiling. Fun.

All of a sudden it’s about salads and boot camps and dry January. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the good cause behind Dry January and I will donate. But not in booze deprivation, in cold hard cash. Because I have a 14-month-old and I need all the booze I can get.

Elsewhere, it’s all about the odd spin class, Nutribullet smoothie and salad. Which is where this little recipe comes in.

Welcome to We May Be Little’s sexy salad: a refreshing combination of spiralized courgette, edamame beans, mozzarella and more. It’s not an all-butter booze-laden mince pie, but it is tasty and fresh, promise! It’s perfect for a light lunch (if you promise yourself to make up for it in fish and chips later. Joking. Well, kind of…) Or yum as a main meal with a piece of grilled fish. Get the lowdown after the pics.



Ingredients for four: 4 organic courgettes, 2 balls of mozzarella, tin of (or freshly popped) edamame beans, olives, bunch of mint, chilli flakes, 1 and a half lemons, sea salt and pepper


  1. Prep all your courgettes. As you’re eating them raw it’s nice to use organic if you can. I did a combination of Spiralized courgettes and wafer-thin ribbons using a mandolin. The thin ribbons are really absorbent and soak up all the flavours, while the spiralized courg’ adds nice crunch. Share between four bowls
  2. Sprinkle your courgs with seat salt
  3. Juice a whole lemon, pour into ramekin and stir in 3 or 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Halve your next lemon for later…
  4. Pour lemon and olive oil mix over your courgs
  5. Rip up your mozzarella balls into small and chunkier chunks and dot over your courgs
  6. Now for the edamame beans. I bought a nice organic tin of the things from a local green grocers, drained them, rinsed them and sprinkled them across my salads. This made my life easier. However, the tinned variety have a slightly soggier texture than those you buy in frozen packs. They’re not as green either. Nevertheless, they still add an unexpected little taste sensation, so… you choose!
  7. Slice your olives in half, strew them across your salad (Yes, Nigella. I’m having that). I used a mix of green and black olives
  8. Take a clump of mint, wash, dry, then rip up into tiny pieces and strew this across your salad too
  9. Now sprinkle on your chilli flakes – as many or as little as you fancy
  10. Take that half a lemon from earlier and add a finishing sprinkle to your four salad bowls
  11. Eat and feel like you’ve done at least one healthy this New Year. Yay.


Happy New Year, everybody! Will you be abstaining or indulging this January?



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